Hey ya bums,

First of all, thanks for visiting my website, it took you bums long enough.  I was having some fun at the thrift the other day, nothing like finding that perfect firetruck to sit on.  I've been a fan of the thrift for the longest so y'all better go out and support your local thrift! YA HEAR!?! Oh, and ya know, just casually wearing my No Swag Summer shirt, cause this isn't a photoshoot promo or somethin' but YEAH go check that out before they are gone!  We made a LIMITED supply, and we are NOT going to resupply this design, so once its gone its never coming back!  We got plenty of different designs coming so be on the lookout for that.

Thanks again for checking the website out. I'll try my best to post random content and keep you folks updated.  ALSO, check out my bro Phillip Szeto, a great photographer and friend.  Here is Phillip's instagram: phillipszeto and website:

And remember, keep ya swag to a minimum and live healthy!

- Caleon Fox